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Importance of Completing the Full Montessori Three Year Cycle

The Montessori curriculum emphasizes the importance of a three-year cycle, believing that the full potential of the child is reached after three years of growing in the same learning environment with the same teachers and the same classmates.

We are firm believers that throughout the children’s early development, they build upon what they learn and follow the natural acquisition of skills and knowledge that can be applied from one year to the next. Our programs are strategically designed with the three-year cycle in mind, which is why every lesson and activity builds a foundation for the next skill.

Earlier lessons such as wet and dry pouring, spooning, sandpaper letters, and numbers, build naturally into more complex lessons including arranging letters into words and sentences, mathematical operations, and learning geography and cultural sciences.

For this reason, we highly encourage the completion of all three years of our program in order to provide children with a successful and continuous learning experience.

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