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Infants and toddlers need not only love, emotional nurturance and a healthy physical environment but also and environment which promotes their very real need to learn.

Children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years are similar to a sponge, they absorb incredible amounts of information coming from their environment. Dr. Montessori identified this sensitive period of cognitive development and recognized the importance of creating an environment curated to the needs of toddlers. Based on that, the structure of our Nido Program is based on five developmental areas:

Sensory and Perception

The young child absorbs the world around him or her through the five senses, and a rich environment should cater to the child’s senses.

Physical and Motor

Along with the mind, both fine and gross motors skills develop rapidly from 18 months to 3 years. Attention to these needs supports balanced development. Physical activity in the young child is an important part of the environmental involvement, and thus education. At Mia Piccolo Montessori we included thirty minutes of soccer/tennis a week as well as yoga and dance in order to encourage movement.

Self-Help Skills

The focus is on helping the child enjoy independence; each individual must depend on himself or herself for education. 


The construction of vocabulary is a part of every aspect of the classroom from snack time to manipulation a lesson to group activities.

Social and Emotional

A well-rounded and happy child, whose balance development and happiness have been supported by responsive individual attention, reacts positively with the environment, copes with frustration, and learns easily.

When finished, toddlers are well prepared for Casa Dei Bambini, our classroom designed for 3-6-year-olds, which is the next step in their Montessori education.

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