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Our Casa Dei Bambini classroom is a carefully prepared, child-sized classroom in which a young child can direct their own activity, building confidence and social skills. Children ages 3 to 6 years learn side by side in the Casa dei Bambini classroom. This program includes five different classroom areas — including one for each major academic subject (Math, Language, Practical Life, Sensorial, Georgraphy/Culture Studies/Science) — each with enticing and sequenced materials that children will be introduced to with individualized lessons over a three-year period. The oldest children in the Casa Dei Bambini classroom are leaders, mentors, role models and helpers for the younger children, and the younger children look up to and learn from their older peers. So what does a day look like in this classroom?

Imagine a room filled with young children, each engaged in an activity either alone or in small groups. While one prepares apple slices, some are learning about continents with the puzzle maps, and others explore geometric solids. The classroom is lively, not disruptive. The mood is peaceful, not chaotic. Learning is self-directed, not forced. Welcome to a typical day in the Mia Piccolo Montessori Casa dei Bambini classroom.

Our beautiful and bright classrooms are designed to be stimulating and comfortable for children to learn and grow. They offer a diverse array of Montessori activities that teach tasks ranging from simple to complex.

With ample space for personal, small group, and whole-class learning experiences, our school provides a collaborative environment that is paramount to the Montessori multi-age classroom. Here, older children build leadership skills as they help their younger friends; and conversely, the junior students observe and learn from their older counterparts while gaining exposure to activities they will soon be doing themselves.

The prepared environment and curriculum addresses a full range of social, emotional, physical and cognitive needs of the 3 to 6-year-old child. Our curriculum incorporates Mathematics, Language, Practical Life, Sensorial, and Culture. In addition to daily Spanish lessons, students take part in Visual Art, Music, Soccer, and Yoga. Our daily schedule always makes time for blocks of uninterrupted learning – a fundamental part of the Montessori educational experience.

Every aspect of our Casa dei Bambini program foster’s the child’s independence, confidence, and knowledge while cultivating respect for themselves, other people, and our community.

Children complete the full cycle for this program at their third year. This is the most important year in the completion of the Three Year Montessori Foundation Program. 

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